Breakfast On The Beech

Sandee Beech aka "Sunova B" is the longest serving Breakfast
Announcer Alice Springs 8HA has had the misfortune of employing in 15 years. It is therefore quite clear either the Radio Station cannot or will not find anyone willing to take this position as ever likely it is that he himself will not find another Radio Station similarly willing to accept him. The most likely amicable wash out of the two is that neither see the need to change something that seems to be almost working. That's because he LOVES the Alice. It's winter weather, relaxed lifestyle, endless sunny days with azure blue skies against red raw saw toothed ranges and most of all, it's wonderful people who have taken to him in the same way terrorists take to Water-Boarding & extreme torture.... Reluctantly.

Early Years

Sandee's Radio Career began shortly after unsuccessfully applying to the then CLEO Magazine to pose in the ever popular centerfold. His boyhood dream was to be a Male Model. The reply came that the panel of female judges all aged between 65-75 couldn't stop laughing long enough to stem the flow of tears streaming from their cataract afflicted eyes to make a decision & further that if women's taste in the male body became so dreadfully affected whereby bodies like his were to be deemed especially attractive to them, then they would call him & not the other way around please.And so it was with a head perfectly suited that he entered into Commercial Radio at FNQ Innisfail's 4KZ (sister station to 8HA) from whence it all stemmed. The year was 1986.

Early Career

In his career on the run listeners have served time on nearly 13 Radio stations across this wide land including Melbourne's Gold 104, TT FM, K-Rock/Bay FM Geelong also Melbourne's 3MP & 3AK the latter alongside the infectiously funny-man of former Hey Hey Its Saturdays voice, "Dicky Knee" John 'Blackers' Blackman. The BeechMan also flew nearly 6000 flight hours above the city of Melbourne as the 'I-Man' (Eye in the sky) & 'Major Tom' on Gold 104 as one of the cities first modern day Airborne Traffic Reporters behind the controls above the daily rat-race & bumper to bumper bump n grind.

After taking a short hiatus of 10 years to pursuit a tradesman's career on his hands & knees eking out a living commercially Tiling FNQ biggest 5-star resorts & luxury domestic homes he decided a financially decimated Cairns (post-GFC) was no place to try putting an aspiring Lawyer in his deaf dumb & partially blind partner 'Judge Ness' through Law School which in turn led him back to his 2nd 'Radio Alma Mata' on 8HA full circle as it turns, only 25 years later to end up in the same studio he cut his teeth on when Imparja & ABC were the only TV stations & 8HA & ABC were the only Radio stations. When there were She-Males but no Emails,& NO twitter, just TWITS like him !

What's Not On Offer

His Breakfast Show is about as ordinary as a radio program can possibly be. Uninspiring, witless, pointless, useless, listener-less. Its only save & grace being the music. Always looking at new ways to do less & less his ability to set standards so low has him seriously being considered for a seat in federal politics. His is the Palm It Off Party.

Daily old school re-runs of Kaptain Kremin & Chicken Man. Cactus & Star-Guide, any opportunity to shift the load. The lucky 5'er eludes him daily & is constantly reminded by local bank staff that trying to scribble in the correct numbers with a felt-pen is akin to counterfeiting punishable by law.

Alas it takes a particularly strange individual to enjoy this unique brand of Breakfast Radio Show.

A regular Radio Awards loser, the prestigious industry events base his show as it's lowest standard entry point criteria bench-mark.

Few in the industry are beyond doubt that his geographical location should not be tampered with.

So if the world is getting you down & it's all too hard to go on... Go On... Listen in & you'll hear if he can put up with himself how much harder can it be for you ?

8HA Breakfast On The Beech Monday to Friday from 6am.

# It comes with a W.H.O official warning... You have been sold.#

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