About Us

8HA is your local commercial radio station, In 1971 a group of local business men including Reg Harris saw potential in commercial broadcasting for Alice Springs to build up local business and community and with that motivation they established the 8HA radio station. 

Reg had a vision for the land surrounding the station for units to house radio staff coming to the great town of Alice Springs to start a new life just as he had done.

When it was discovered the lease on the land would only allow the building of the radio station and residential accommodation was not permitted, Reg was not defeated, he declared a new vision for that land. 

"We'll grow bloody grapes" he announced the "Terra Rossa" if you will.

Now two generations later that vision has come to pass with Reg's son.

Roger, daughter Olivia and son in law Aaron planting a humble vineyard of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon vines. Making this one of the only commercial radio stations in Australia, in fact potentially the world with its own small vineyard which we hope will be as delightful a drop to our taste buds as 8HA is to our ears.

As the great visionary once said "All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

With that in mind, 8HA prides itself on having a proud and efficient team of radio professionals, working for the best interests of Central Australia, and we believe in being connected with the events, news and issues that affect our region. We will continue to pursue the dreams of Central Australia and build new ones in the future.

24 Hours a day, find the best mix of Music, News, Sport and Talkback on 8HA. We can be found at 900 on the AM band, with a service radius of 200 kms around Alice Springs. If you're going to the rock, find us at 100.5FM in Yulara. 

If you would like more information about the way radio can help your business, contact our sales team on 89 522 900 during office hours.